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Full Version: Former Paul Ryan Challenger Arrested In Radioactive Murder Plot
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A Madison, Wisconsin man who ran for Congress in 2012 against House Speaker Paul Ryan has been accused of trying to acquire a lethal dose of radioactive material over the internet in order to murder an unnamed individual.

The FBI announced that Jeremy Ryan, 30, was arrested on Wednesday in Black Earth, WI. Court documents reveal that he attempted to purchase the radioactive material in March and again in October. He faces a maximum term of life in prison.

The Milwaukee FBI and Chicago FBI's Hazardous Evidence Response team executed a search warrant on Ryan's residence but did not find any threat to the public, according to a report.

Ryan was dubbed "Segway Jeremy" for riding around the Wisconsin State Capitol during 2011 protests against Governor Scott Walker. In 2018, he attempted a Congressional run to replace US Rep. Paul Ryan, losing in the primary to Bryan Steil.
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Jeremy Ryan popularly known as “Segway Boy”, is an American protester. He has been called the face of the Wisconsin Capitol Protests in 2011 against Scott Walkers’s Act 10, which included the Capitol Occupation, the movement that inspired the Occupy movement. [1][2] Jeremy became prominent from his frequent capitol protests in Madison, Wisconsin. His frequent use of a segway vehicle around the capitol earned him the name “Segway Boy”.[3][4] Jeremy established and is the director of Defending Wisconsin Political Action Committee, a committee that took part in the attempt to recall Governor Scott Walker in 2011/2012.[5][6] Segway Jeremy is popular for his continuous protests against Wisconsin Department of Administration’s rules which prohibited holding of signs in the rotunda which was later revoked and his Cannabis activism.[5][7] Jeremy Ryan is also a current battler of brain cancer. [8] [9]

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Jeremy was arrested several times and charged with disorderly conduct for various protests that he organized and led.[13][8]

In 2011, he organized and led some of the first political mass civil disobedience protests since the Vietnam War days against Governor Scott Walker’s collective bargaining reforms legislation which led to his arrest along with some other protesters.[3][14]

Six of the arrested protesters; Jeremy Ryan, Jenna Pope, Valerie Walasek, Lauri Harty, Anne Hoppe and Kathlee Hoppe filed a lawsuit against the state’s Department of Administration claiming that they were wrongfully arrested and should be paid for damages considering the “emotional distress, loss of liberty and damage to reputation” the arrest caused them. In 2015, they were collectively awarded $45,000 in damages by a Dane County judge Frank Remington who seemed to have agreed with their argument.[8][14]

In 2012, he was charged for disorderly conduct outside of the Capitol Press room now known as the Dick Wheeler press room. Jeremy on many occasions taunted Gwen Guenther after the death of Dick Wheeler her father, after she took over “The Wheeler Report”.[1][3]

In 2014, he was again charged with domestic abuse and stalking of his girlfriend who he lived with then.[1][15] After the stalking charge was dismissed he was only convicted of disorderly conduct removing the word abusive and only being convicted of “boistrous, unreasonably loud, or otherwise disorderly conduct” in that case.[16]

In 2015, Jeremy became an active supporter of the movement “Black Lives Matter” over the shooting of a black teenager by a white police officer.[14]

In November, 2016, Jeremy was again arrested, “on three felony counts of manufacturing and delivering marijuana and one felony count of maintaining a drug operation.”[1][17]

On October 25th, 2018, Jeremy was arrested for, "charges for attempting to possess radioactive material with intent to cause death". "Court documents alleged that in March and October, Ryan attempted to purchase a lethal dose of a radioactive substance via the internet to kill an unnamed individual." [18]
Sounds like he done did some stupid shit before but WHY would he do something THAT stupid?
I think he looks a little absurd. Chuckle
(10-26-2018, 08:47 AM)Mmmkay_Ultra Wrote: [ -> ]Sounds like he done did some stupid shit before but WHY would he do something THAT stupid?

From wayyy down in that wiki page..

2018 Election[edit]
Jeremy Ryan has declared to run for 2018 Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District Republican Primary to replace Paul Ryan in the United States House of Representatives.[22][23] In this race he describes himself as a Progressive Republican. His largest issue is legalization of Cannabis which he can be seen smoking in his campaign videos some in which he also appears drunk. [24]

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