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Full Version: No limits to this "man"
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3 headlines at drudge front and center,
Link to articles with videos and more...
Obama compares Trump to 'tin pot dictatorship'...

When you hear economy improving, 'remember who started it'...

Refers to self 92 times during speech...


[Image: Trump-Vs-Obama-1-800x416.png]
So glad that miserable failure will never be POTUS again.

Thanks a lot Obama... Ya shitbird!

[Image: lng8tKZ.jpg]
Quite an enlightening and fascinating observation.

Very good.


Remember that Obama's former CIA and NSA chief Michael Hayden chimed in, telling us that we must submit to being invaded. We also have professional political activists telling us that sending the invaders back would be a crime against humanity.


Ol' purple lips

At it again
Ovomit had NOT ONE original thought in his tenure. He was a puppet. He IS a puppet. An actor is he. Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer EACH had their hand up his ass, controlling his every move. George Soros pulled his strings.

Full Throttle

Still an idiot. Completely absorbed in himself and a danger to those around him.