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Full Version: They are here
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Yes they are here so way are we not dealing with this issue and it is a issue ..

Come on Trump make America Great Again
We have talked to many in person ...
The thing we hear from all of them is that we are mistaken.
They say, "No. You're wrong. The ones that are here are not like that."

We ourselves are under no delusions.
We have read all the so called "Holy" books.

In OHO ...
and Islam
are all militant religions.

Either You are one of them, or it is their right and duty to kill you.

@Uncle Thanky


Some of them are no more Islamic than you or anyone in the USA is classified christian whether they attend a Church or not.

That said where I am we talked about opening up to more middle easterners and Islamics. The one already here advised us against it. They told us they moved away to get away from the extremists and even the compulsory nature of their religion in many middle eastern states. They told us to keep it tight to keep the crazies out.

The Saudi's cultivated, fostered and incubated the most extreme version of Islam which all seem to be judged against. Yet the USA has been their Ally since JD Rockefeller bought Oil off them as Chevron. That is the real story and how the USA is now viewed by the rest of the world. The USA has funded, by the purchase of Middle eastern Oil, Islamic terrorism around the world and on the enemies of the Saudi's who are fully corrupted by it.

When it all comes down to it the only reason the USA has anything to do with the Saudi's is Oil. The USA turns a blind eye to all their ills along with all oil purchasing western nations.

Easy to eat meat when you don't have to meet the live animal before you slaughter it and so it has been purchasing oil off the Suadi's who are Islamic Extremists. Saddam looked like a gentleman compared to them and he once beheaded 200 government officials for taking bribes from US businesses and government actors.

The people you don't like are your Government's best friends, not even by choice, JD Rockefeller made it happen.

If you feel like doing something make sure you do it to the right people.