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Full Version: You can't wait for the hammer to come down.
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There's too little time.
You go.

If 'god" waited, you wouldn't be here.
If this is too much, again, please lower your standards.
Why shouldn't we ask these questions?
Am I too introverted? (then so are you...I see it)
Are we stuck in Time?

If you don't question Time, then you'll be frozen in place.
This situation (Earth and human souls) is a holding pattern, for people who are fixated, and obsessed.
I'm sure, and I know it.
No doubt in my mind.

People ALWAYS forget, until its too late.
Who cares what is popular?
Every situation in the Universe is unique, and gets resolved.
Sometimes not in a temporal manner.

But thats not It.
Its the Space.

If it weren't for the Space created(long ago), you would not be here.
I studied the Tibetans for years, and still do.

You create your Space (and consequences).
Space involves the full Spectrum of Responsibilty since you want to be like God.
Have A Nice Day!
@Uncle Thanky

someone should paint an Angel with a galaxy for a halo.