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Full Version: Doctor assisted suicide for children coming to a hospital near you...
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Specifically the paper deals with a hospital in Toronto - in the land of Communism where the government wants to kill your child without telling you the parent.
This is what it is like when the public option for 'health care' is the only option. The government wants to kill you if they deem you are a net drain on society and government coffers.
If you can't generate taxes for the government you might as well die.
Not to mention the fact that many children today (and it's getting worse by the minute) think about suicide now and again in this insane world we live in. If they happen to be in the right place at the right time and tell the doctor they'd rather be dead, they could find themselves getting their wish.

"IT'S ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN!!" the left cry when they want to ban legal citizens from owning guns, but in the same breath will demonically fight for the woman's "right" to murder her unborn children.
Now a new step in the death-culture obsessed agenda of the Left - let a child decide to choose suicide, and don't tell the parents.

If you don't think that we are circling the toilet bowl NOW as a society, you are blind to what is going on.
No. Just no.


That's not as far from what has been happening here in USA since the 60's (and probably before that too) that I know of. A nurse who worked in the newborn unit told me when babies with hydroencephalitis (and other deformities) are born - the hospital tells the parents the baby was born dead ... but in reality the baby could live to be 21+ years old, albeit a vegetable or close to it.

I asked how they kill the babies. The answer was simple. No food and no water. They starve it to death. Hospitals are not "required" to feed patients.

Pretty sick if you ask me.

I have a more recent story (after 911) about nurses in England that came straight from a nurse who dunnit. They can IGNORE a dying patient and let them die ... even if the patient nor family NEVER signed nor agreed to a DNR. The nurse said they had the blessing of the doctors and could make their own determination without having to consult a doctor. So, essentially - if the patient and family refuse to sign a DNR - they do it ANYWAY.

Last, recently, in US ... a severely dementia patient signed his own DNR. Now, it seems to me you'd have to be of sound mind to do that - but nope - it's okay to get them to sign something, even a scribble or an X will do.