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Full Version: Happy Birthday, Rick Farias!!!
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bet you thought I forgot Chuckle

Hope you have a good day, @Rick Farias Heartflowers

[Image: qgdcLls.jpg]
Have a good one...
Happy B Day!
[Image: image.jpg]
Happy Birthday @Rick Farias  I hope you have a wonderful day and have many more birthdays ahead.

[Image: uiVwGe1.gif]
[Image: lfaq4ZX.gif]
Happy Birthday! Enjoy!!
Hope you have a great one Rick!

I hope you have onf helluva great Birthday old friend!

Are you doing anything special? Someone special?? Yeah3

I would take you fishing if you were here. Crappie are biting.
Thank you all very much.
Hopefully the Red Sox will give me a present tonight.
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