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EPIC: Hispanic Guest Eviscerates CNN's Don Lemon For Mocking Kanye West

"What he’s doing is what they fear most. It’s his reach, and cultural influence that makes him a target. Jim Brown was in the same room, cameras rolling, the whole time. Anyone heard Jim Brown referred to as a ‘house negro’? Or even referenced at all? Jim Brown is also black, right? Is he not? Yet the MSM is full blown Kanye. I fkn hate the MSM."

''Ye had set blacks back "155 years." Ms. Brazile,, the same Donna who cheated during the election by passing CNN questions in advance to Hillary Clinton & then lied about it.

About not lawfully registered voters: "In addition, requiring PVAMU students to complete and submit a “change of address” or “statement of residency” in order to cast a ballot on Election Day unduly dilutes the voting power of the PVAMU community, a large majority of which is comprised of racial and ethnic minorities." Sheila of the slipped envelope Lee Jackson

& Keith who beat up his wife Ellison

Democratic Candidate Stacey Abrams: ‘Undocumented’ Immigrants Are Part of the ‘Blue Wave’

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From 1933 to 1997 the Democrats effectively ruled the country & got us into 4 major wars - This was when Democrats were reasonable people, not the ones in charge now

& in Toronto: The university did not respond to request for comment.

2018 MIDTERMSBusted: Democrat Senate Candidate’s ‘Hurricane Relief’ Link Re-Directs to Democrat Fundraising Page

"Were he not already gelded and fitted with a pussy hat, Victoria Brown’s husband should have her arrested for spousal and elder abuse."

Ford Motors Fires Back at the Media Blaming Trump Tariffs for Layoffs

not popping the champagne till I see Skippy Molesta’s perp walk!

END THE FED NOW - REAL MONEY, not fiat currency: "It is bizzar when you think about it. A monopoly creates out of thin air a piece of paper saying: IOU, and the only way to reimburse them is by obtaining more IOU's from this monopoly."

OPERATION PEDOGATE: Jacob Wetterling was a SRA sacrifice