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Full Version: Queen's Representative in Canada A Drunken Lout
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You wouldn't think it.

A petite, sorta cute ex astronaut woman who got drunk and punched out her fighter pilot husband.


Well about a year back Prime Minister Trudeau appointed Astronaut Julie Layette as Canada's Governor General.
It's a patronage appointment, largely ceremonial.
A fat cheque to read a few speeches, cut ribbons, show up at community events, salute some soldiers.

But her drinking problem has made her the absentee Governor General, and made Trudeau a laughing stock, yet again.

Her violent divorce from F35 test pilot and pussy husband Billie Flynn.
After some boilermakers, she threw a haymakjer and Billiue boi needed help from the cops.
Layette was charged with assault, but Trudeau had the charges dropped, with help from Lockheed Martin, who didn't want it known their head F35 test pilot was a pussy.

Now a year later, Julie is still on the sauce and missing official engagements.

I guess the lesson here is don't stiff Julie on the pour.