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Full Version: Liberal Cabal members be Like.....
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Liberal Cabal Puppets:  How dare you declassify texts that 100% prove you're innocent and we committed TREASON. How dare you Sir.

Trump: Because you have offended my Honor.. and I demand satisfaction.

[Image: Agt_Zae_G.gif]

Understand how stupid these people are.  We've known for months that they have all the texts (even after the cabal FBI puppets/7th floor tried to delete them).  Just because many haven't been released and some that have been were redacted...  Did they honestly think Trump (who has full security clearance) wouldn't read them and fully release the evidence that exonerates him and proves 100% without a doubt that these leftover political cabal puppet appointees committed treason?

I wonder if when the puppets sold their soul to the devil for fame, power, fortune, and a lordship in the New World order. If they get a refund when the Devil couldn't come through because Jesus smacked his ass.

[Image: e7045bd150.jpg]
Neon Revolt reckons he might be onto the word play with "These people are stupid' and the 'Hunters become the hunted'.

His latest post

Quote:Tangentially related to this topic of learning Q’s comms, I will say I think I’ve picked up on something with two of Q’s refrains:



“These people are STUPID.”

If I’m right about this… well, when I publish that article (once I finish my research), it’s gonna be major hats-off to Q. This is some clever wordplay, I’ll give him that.

One hint about what I think ties them together right now, though:

It starts with an “N.”

(Sorry, that’s all you’re getting right now, lol!)

If like me you can't wait...


Nimrod the mighty hunter and founder of Babylon.

nim·rod (nĭm′rŏd′)
1. also Nimrod A hunter.
2. Informal A person regarded as silly, foolish, or stupid.
I read leftie cartel, oops my bad.