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Full Version: Gunmen disguised as mariachi musicians kill 5 in Mexico City
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These days real life in Mexico imitates the movies. (Once Upon A Time in Mexico, Desperado).
At least five people were killed and eight others were wounded Friday night after gunmen disguised as mariachi musicians opened fire in Mexico City’s iconic square, sending residents and tourists fleeing as they head into the weekend’s Independence Day celebrations.

Three gunmen opened fire with pistols and rifles at Plaza Garibaldi, known to be a place where bands serenade tourists, city officials said. Four people died at the scene while another woman was pronounced dead after succumbing to her wounds at a hospital Saturday afternoon.

At least one foreigner was among the five killed in the shooting rampage, the Mexico City prosecutor's office said.

Surveillance video from the deadly incident showed the alleged gunmen dressed in mariachi garb as they fled on motorcycles.

A Mexican security expert, Alejandro Hope, said the incident appeared to be a targeted

Mexico has experienced over the past three years continued in May when 2,890 people were killed — an average of 93 a day, or almost four victims an hour.