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Full Version: Mueller's FBI Deceives and Lies, While Comey's Lockheed-Martin Makes Billions.
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What a tidy little set-up these government agencies had for raking in $$$ for each other.  No wonder they are scared to death of having an outsider like DJT come in and crash their party. They don't hate President Trump nearly as much as they FEAR him.

Here is another example of how Mueller, Comey with the help of Holder, made lots of money, deceived the public for whom they were to serve.  Instead, they served and enriched themselves, risking national security and the sovereign U.S.A.

"It wasn’t bad enough that the FBI under Robert Mueller’s leadership shut down its investigation of stolen U.S. STEALTH defense technology to protect Lockheed Martin while James Comey was Lockheed’s top lawyer.

The FBI next did the unthinkable: Lied to Congressional investigators. And lied big.

For nearly four years the FBI investigated the international theft of STEALTH defense technology from a small Florida marine company that invented an ingenious way to help protect Navy ships and nuclear ballistic submarines from being detected on enemy radar and sonar.

And on the eve before the case was go to a Grand Jury, the case was closed by then-FBI Director Mueller and then-Attorney General Eric Holder.

After the FBI walked away from the case, Congressional investigators took over and began probing the technology and trade-secret theft from the small Florida company by multi-billion dollar defense conglomerates.

Then, Congressional investigators were stopped in their tracks. The FBI reported its criminal investigation was still active which meant Congressional investigators would have to stand down until the FBI finished its probe.

Congress put the case on hold, awaiting a green light from the FBI. But that light never came."
Simple as that .

Theft by Deception is a favorite MO of these " Public " Agencies .