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Full Version: Syrias Thread: Michael Bolton Appreciation Thread
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How am I supposed to browse the front page?

Now that I've been shitposting so long?

How am I supposed to brooooowse the front page?

And how am I supposed to carry on?

When every thread Is about Idlib?


To love somebody

To luuuuurve somebody

The way I love Assad


Dedicated to Bashar Al-Assad, protector of American Lolbertarian Neckbeards.


When Assad loves a woman
Can't keep his mind on more than 4 other mistresses
He'd give up the 5 other mistresses for the good thing he's found
If there is gas
He won't deploy it.
Only the Americans do wrong
He'll defend Christians
By being less bad than Skypes to them


Having fun talking to yourself?
I’m tying to clean it up :/
Tie faster he is getting loose...

A brilliant mind with a piggy tail cork screw twist...

It is Kal's performance art....


(09-11-2018, 11:26 AM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]Having fun talking to yourself?
Yeah it's much better than participating in Lolbertarian propaganda and hero worship of a midget Russian and his giraffe-necked dictator derka derk.