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Full Version: 9-11 Cyber Attack?
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'morning all...

So far today, here at work, we've received 3 official looking emails that all contained trojan viruses. Our virus protection software has isolated them, so no worries on our end. But, I don't recall ever having one virus detection alert here at work before and now today, we've had 3 already (30 minutes into the work day).

All 3 viruses were in the form of a PDF file. Each time, the software identified Trojan:PDF/Sonbokli.A!cl, threat level serious.

Maybe it's a fluke, but I thought I'd share the info.
Could be . Have noticed a few extra active exchanges on the Norse Attack Map this A. M. .



My internet is sluggish

Some type of hack going on
(09-11-2018, 01:06 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]My internet is sluggish

Some type of hack going on

Ive had outages since yesterday through, Cofeefee or how ever they spell that.

NW Washington.

There all goofy up here ya know.