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Full Version: Hurricane info thread
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Thread for information on hurricane.
A resource for those affected, info for those interested.
Some weather and emergency channels at links worth making a hard copy of if in affected area and power goes out.

**Fringers & guests are adding some great tips, please browse thread if you may be affected by storm**

Weather modeling updates worldwide and for the East Coast.

First two are all inclusive:

Jay's page o' hurricane & tropical storm imagery

Mike's Weather Page Spaghetti Models

Atlantic 2 Day Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook

Tropical Tidbits

Earthschool Interactive satellite global map, wind pattern modeling - zoomable,535

Wind dynamic patterning graphical interactive,12.63,280,-75.981,6;-74.7;3...erature-2m

Integrated water vapor transport and analysis

Atmospheric river modeling

River levels and flooding
USGS National river levels -- select by state interactive map

NWS watches, warnings, advisories - by state, zone and county

Watches, Warnings or Advisories for
North Carolina

Alerts and emergency information

National Hurricane Center

Weather Forecast Office
NWS Forecast Office Wilmington, NC

National Weather Service Marine Forecasts
U.S. COAST GUARD HF VOICE - including Chesapeake

Operation: Top Marine SSB/HAM Radio Frequencies

Updated in 2018
Optimal Working Frequencies (MHz) for: US EAST COAST :: NW7US ::

North Carolina Hurricane Preparadness - (some useful tips and localized info)

***post any useful links or information and I will add them by edit to this first post***


Thanks for links

System two back from Florence looks mean as hell

Could end up being round two

Thought id add a link. This page is pretty much all inclusove and it stays updated as well.

Good info to have

Thanks :)
Mike's Weather Page has the current as well as storms coming behind ~ excellent one stop shop for storm data:
Tropical tidbits is a good one

Hurricane city is one I learned about during Katrina etc in the infamous 2005 season. They ran out names that year.
Added Mike's Spaghetti Models -- thanks @JB1 and @DaJavoo

Added Atlantic 2 Day Tropical Weather Outlook, Wind dynamic patterning analysis 3 links -- thanks @SlowLoris

Added Tropical Tidbits -- thanks @mountain man

Added USGS Current Water Data - river levels interactive map -- thanks @Elizabeth
Well since you just put tips up there, I assumed you meant ways to ride it out so..... I don't have links. But I have some hurricane tips. Some are probably common sense but just in case....

1. Fill up bathtub and all the pots and pans and anything that holds water. It's not for drinking really. It's for washing up and to flush your toilets. 5 gallon buckets with lids are excellent for this and cheap. Find at a hardware store, eg. Lowes, Home Depot.

2. Fill up the freezer with anything you can. Even if it's just bottled ice water. And do not open that freezer for at least 2 days after as it should stay cold that long if not 3 days. If you can not put water or fill it up with that type of stuff, newspaper will work. Just wad it up. You are trying to fill up all the space with cold stuff and it will keep colder than if the freezer is only half full. Fill it up even if you have to ask a neighbor to help.

3. Have a chainsaw and some gas and oil for it. You will not regret it.

4. Some good supplies no one thinks of is rope. And duct tape. Tarps and heavy plastic. Some nails, hammer and hand saw. You will find that you might want some cheap clothesline rope too. It's got wire in it if you buy the right type and it can hold your blankets and stuff if they get wet. You want to dry out your stuff or it molds and molds fast. Clothes pins are cheap too. I use wooden clothes pins to close my potato chip bags too. Good stuff to have around. Cheap too.  Wink

5. Go to the library. Check out as many books as you can. Buy some playing cards and paper/pen. Things to occupy yourself and the kids for a week or so at least.

6. Buy up lots of garbage and freezer bags. Big and little. You will want them. Small garbage bags make good poop bags in a small bucket if you need it.  V6sRZf4 Or a shovel and lime for a hole in the back yard.  V6sRZf4

7.  Go thrift store shopping. Get some old pots and pans for outdoor cooking on the grill or wood fire. These things will get black so if you take some bar soap, any bar soap and rub it on the bottom and sides of your pots before you put them on the fire, the black just wipes off them. But if you don't, it's horrible to take off. Tarry like stuff. Paper towels are excellent things.  Wink  As you will be cooking everything in your fridge and freezer... You don't want to use your good pots and pans on a cook fire or charcoal. Pick up the charcoal. You will need it as the downed wood is not going to be dry or cured. It will smoke like crazy and sap will ooze out and it will burn the fire outta ya. Don't ask how I know that just know that yes.... I was curious about that shining watery stuff coming out of the wood one time and wellllll.. Do not do that.  Chuckle

8. Meds... have a first aid kit. I make my own because the ones you buy suck. But if that's all ya got, they work. But have one. Especially antibiotic creme, bandages (all sizes even those huge square ones and some gauze with tape). Plastic gloves. Get a couple boxes of these as you might find you want them to keep the junk off your hands if you run into something nasty. I hate stuff on my hands. Just hate it. I got cases of plastic gloves just in case of anything. Am I Paranoid much? probably.  Chuckle You might want to collect some sticks for broken bones too but you do want to be prepared for glass. Glass messes you up. Deep cuts. Might want some fishing line and needles along with alcohol to do some fast stitching up?

9. Hard candy. Why hard candy? It's sweet. It will help the bad mouth, it just comforting, nice peppermints or butterscotch... Love those hard candies and in a pinch, they are cheap, sweet, easy to hand out and might keep the kids happy for a minute. Keeps me happy.

10. Something most will not do. But I have done it and it's safe. You can keep mayo out of the fridge but you have to keep it in a cool spot, the shade. Just like salsa, relish, ketchup and mustard, mayo can also stay on the table for days. Just use a new jar of mayo that has never been in the fridge. It will keep on the counter. If you are going to use it all up, say potato soup, you can get some of that shelf ready milk. Once opened it needs to be kept cold so you will have to use it. But if you heat it up and use it for hot chocolate around the fire at night.... Tortillas make excellent plates that you eat. You can even eat eggs and bacon off them.

That's 10. Hopefully, your house is not going to get messed up if you live in those areas. And if you have to evacuate, take the dang chainsaw, oil and gas. That's the number 1 tool after a hurricane to have. Along with tarps for roofs and windows.  Wink
Check real time river levels here. Many even have forcasts. You can even set alerts to be sent in text msg to your phone. You set the level to which you want to be alerted
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