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Full Version: Embarrassing Attempted Robbery
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Jptdknpa Facepalm Lmao
Running away and...
[Image: Pants2.jpg]   [Image: Pants1.jpg]

Need I say more? Facepalm
Jptdknpa Jptdknpa

That's awesome, what a loser!

Who robs an e-cig store too?!
(09-06-2018, 02:21 PM)Rodent Wrote: [ -> ]Running away and...
[Image: Pants2.jpg]   [Image: Pants1.jpg]

Need I say more?    Facepalm

I manage a small neighborhood supermarket in my area. And for a while I had these types coming in and I told them straight up.. Look this is a place of business and people dont come here to see your underwear when they shop for if you want to shop here have some common courtesy for others and tighten your belt after you pull up your pants. I got some backlash for a while but I had more customers respect my decision and appreciate it....they dont push back to much when they know I am carrying my G19 at all times. They want a go at me it wont end pretty for any of them. plus that baggy pants shit is so 1990's Facepalm
These dopes cant even change with the times and stay current on style. 1dunno1 Eyeroll