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Full Version: FCC complaints allege “Lucifer” is a plot to bring about the apocalypse
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Claims that Satan is using a police procedural on Fox to summon the Four Horsemen have not been verified by the FCC

Recently released Federal Communications Commission complaints about the police procedural Lucifer show that the series not only drew ire for the usual reasons (sex and violence), but for something far, far more sinister: being a plot by the literal devil to corrupt humanity, summon the Four Horsemen, and bring about the apocalypse.

The accompanying cover letter notes that the “information … has not been verified by the FCC.” So therefore it’s entirely possible that the people making these complaints might be a bit misinformed about the show or know what it’s about, but also established theological scholarship on the subject of eschatology. That’s the official position of the FCC, anyway.
And these people claim they're 'woke'?