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Full Version: CA Prop 6 Gas Tax Repeal Initiative
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Email I received....thought I would share......

Over the weekend I got a call from a political operative in Sacramento who is secretly supportive of our Prop 6 Gas Tax Repeal Initiative, but is terrified of retaliation by Gov. Jerry Brown and other legislators if he helps us publicly. He’s been feeding me intel — Sacramento politicians have already raised $28m to defeat Prop 6 and they plan to hit $50M by election day.

But it is what he shared with me about their true goal that is really frightening:

"They want to defeat Prop 6 because if they do, no one will challenge them on tax hikes again. If they succeed on the gas tax hike, they plan to take back up the water tax and cell phone tax in January. Then the biggest target is reversing Prop 13 in 2020. They know if they can defeat Prop 6 and the gas tax repeal, they will demoralize your grassroots movement and no one will have the energy or guts to oppose them."

I cannot stress how CRUCIAL it is that we win Yes on Prop 6. We all have literally thousands of dollars in increased taxes each year if we fail.

My source added "They know you guys are behind on your fundraising and they get your emails pleading for help and laugh."

I have always been clear and direct with you. We are indeed behind on our fundraising — our reports are public information. We don’t need to match Sacramento politicians with their millions, but we DO have to get our basic message out by reaching our modest budget goal. Every single penny goes into Yes on Prop 6 without overhead!

With everything on the line, can you please contribute to the Yes on Prop 6 campaign today? Here’s the secure link.

Please do what you can today — there’s so much more on the line than just the gas tax repeal!

Carl DeMaio
Reform California – Yes on Prop 6