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Full Version: If You Were To Meet God
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If You Were To Meet God

What would be your question ?

As for me; I asked him way did he make so many different people ? His reply was ; I needed a variety .

A quality or state of being different or diverse; the absence of uniformity, sameness, or monotony .

No man was not created equal, otherwise we would all be the same = BORING

We live in vary interesting times; I believe it should be seen as a blessing .
He already resides within you and without you, above you and below you, to your left and to your right, in front of you and in the back as well. He is everywhere. He creates vibration so that you may live, and so everything may communicate and so you may converse as such right here. He creates sound and light, energy and frequencies for your pleasure in song and sounds of nature; the light of day and the stars and moonlight by night.

Yes, I believe that you have already met him!

However, your question might be, "why have I not seen you?"

His answer would be, "you just weren't paying attention!"
Do you know how much I love you, too?
I would behave Like Yogi Berra did when he met the Pope.

I would extend my hand and say "Howdy Mr. God, its nice to meet you"! Smiley45
Hey Dad???
Can you send me some cash please?
I don't know....
But that's what my kids always ask me.
You did a shitty job god, I'm taking over from here on.
Why you stopping us from being like you?
Where is She?

@Uncle Thanky
I'd be too snugged up under His wing to bother with speaking. I speak to Him daily and some days, moment to moment.

He is in my High Meadow, and my garden. He is the light in my pups' eyes. He is glorious sunrise and sunset, and he is the harmony of the Spheres, singing. He is the deep abiding enclosing Silence of the caves and the bones of the Mother. He is in every piece I have ever created in all the many skills He has gifted me with. Without that Godspark, they would never have been.

When we finally meet face to face, all the questions will have been asked already and all the I love yous said. Just snuggle in and rest.
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