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Full Version: Don't vote for Zionist ted Cruz vote for american and irishman Beto O’Rourke
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A vote for Cruz is a vote for the deep state

Although Democratic enthusiasm has exploded across the country, few candidates have found the fervent level of interest O’Rourke has consistently attracted, drawing surprisingly large crowds in unexpected places. At a time when politics has become increasingly nasty and divisive — when President Trump has been blamed for ended friendships and a deterioration of civility — O’Rourke has laid down a potent counterargument: compassion.

O’Rourke, 45, says he’s intent on running a positive campaign, one focused not on Trump or the famously acerbic Cruz but on soothing hot anger with a promise of something different. Even if he doesn’t often say their names, his supporters know his candidacy is a direct critique of those Republicans.


The last thing Texas needs is a potato famine.


This is the problem when TPTB control both sides of the aisle
Cruz is a CFR globalist but Beta is pure Soros commie.
Beta is a crook and murderer. Perfect for the left to hail as a hero.


(09-01-2018, 08:43 AM)kal Wrote: [ -> ]The last thing Texas needs is a potato famine.

It wasn't the Irish who caused the potatoe famine

They were just the victims

It was Zionist Britain behind it all

The truth is startling: 67 out of 130 regiments of Britain's Empire army were in Ireland during this period (100,000 at any one time). The troops were not on a humanitarian mission. Their job was to remove food by force.

The nation starved as its food was confiscated, 40-70 shiploads a day were removed at gunpoint assisted by British constables, militia and troops. They seized tens of millions head of livestock, tens of millions of tons flour, grains and poultry. These vast quantities were more than enough to feed 18 million people.

The first lie was that the famine was due to the failure of the potato crop. When the quantity of exported Irish foodstuffs could no longer be concealed, the second lie was that the rich Irish were starving the poor Irish. G.B. Shaw wrote in Man and Superman 1897: "The Famine? No, the Starvation. When a country is full of food and exporting it, there can be no Famine."'

In The Great Hunger (1962,) British Historian Woodham Smith identified 13 of the food removal regiments. She became a pariah in British and Irish academia for the next 30 years. Academic historians maintain the lie that only one crop was cultivated, covering up the food removals and exportation to England.
By now you’ve probably heard a lot about Beto O’Rourke and his surprisingly durable challenge against Ted Cruz in bright red Texas. You’ve heard about how he’s visited all 254 Texas counties in his Toyota Tundra. You’ve seen videos of him sweating through a button-down shirt at one of his jam-packed town halls. You’ve watched the rangy 45-year-old congressman skateboard through a Whataburger parking lot in Brownsville. And if you’re following the 2018 midterms, you know that O’Rourke only trails Cruz by a single digit while running an unabashedly progressive campaign, making Democrats around the country salivate at the prospect of a blue wave crashing everywhere from Galveston to El Paso.

So This guy seems good...
Let's see his qualifications?
He can drive a Japanese pick up truck.
He sweats? In Texas yet? My oh my..
And... Hang on ladies and gentlemen...
He rode a skateboard at a burger joint...

Get's MY vote for sure.....


Jesus fucking christ, dude. It's a joke, not a dick. Don't take it so hard.
Commie Beatoff, Wanker yeah.  Eyeroll
It is not about Cruz it is about President Trump and numbers. So OP you can go Wanker
We can't have a Senator named Beto!!!! That is un-American!!!! Yeah3
Can't have a beat off senator by name. They do that as it is while they fvc the populace.
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