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Full Version: Russia and China Hold Huge Military Exercise with Over 300k Troops, Rebuilds Cold War Arctic Base
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The worrying exercise forms part of Vostok 2018, Russia’s largest ever military drill in 37 years.

The manoeuvre will mobilise some 300,000 troops, including thousands of soldiers from China, according to Bloomberg.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the drills were needed to ensure Russia’s military capabilities “in the current international situation, which is often quite aggressive and unfriendly to our country.”

But the exercise has alarmed Nato.

The organisation's Deputy Spokesman Dylan White told Sputnik: "All nations have the right to exercise their armed forces.

"But it is essential that this is done in a transparent and predictable manner."

According to the Siberian Times, Russia has also started to restore a Soviet military base in the Arctic port of Tiksi, 2,670 miles east of Moscow.