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Full Version: Thousands to honor John McCain today at Arizona capitol
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Thousands expected to view body of John McCain as he lays in-state at capitol in Arizona. It will be day 1 of his 4-day funeral....
I have already thanked Death for taking his traitor ass.


Crazy how "McSAME" - the same guy who was vehemently loathed by the Left has become their hero.

I guess that's what happens when you support every single Obama initiative, and attack Trump at every turn - regardless if you are a RINO or not.
4 days! I checked the link. 4 days! We are to fly the
American flag at 1/2 staff until he is interned. All
this simply proves the 'Maverick' was just another
egomaniac forced upon our citizenship. He accomplished
so damn little for us. What he did shove down our throats
was no good for anyone but him and his buddies.
Thank you, Johnny for the Patriot act, the National
Defense Authorization Act, and keeping the stinking
Affordable Health Care Act. Let's not forget about all
your warmongering in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine.
Yeah, I know you wanted war with Russia and Iran too. Your
body count comes to an end.
So the hero was an endless senator from Arizona and ran
a miserable presidental bid in 2008 whereby Sarah Palin had
to drag him kicking and screaming over the finish line. I am
not impressed.
yes, i was watching it for only 30 secs. here too
Thousands of morons
I would go just to see if I smelled formaldehyde or wax.


His wife’s face hasn’t moved..

His daughter on the other hand is literally bawling her eyes out.
Yeah. I gotta say, as much as I disliked that guy, and as much as I disliked him being lifted up as almost a Messiah like figure (not much of an exaggeration, if any) it was no bueno watching the different folks in his family grieve. I didn't think it looked scripted. But who knows?