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Full Version: If this place served alcohol, I'd be a regular customer
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Good clean fun. Chuckle
(08-29-2018, 07:56 AM)last one Wrote: [ -> ]

What could go wrong?


Oh, wait............they don't serve can bring your own. Yeah3
Nothing quite like a BYOB Club .

I ' ll drink to that . . . speaking of which . . . . .



If you'd view it as booze,
You could get totally wasted, tanked until you puked!
I can just hear it now.

"Hey, bro, let's go down and throw some hatchets tonight"

"Sounds good, man. Don't forget to bring a case of beer"


SOG makes a nice throwing hatchet at a decent price. I lost one outside and it went through an entire winter an was still pristine in the spring.

No-spin knives from Flying Steel is really where it's at, though. Chuckle