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Full Version: The truth about College
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If you watch this video you’re going to learn something

Robbing and stealing always about theft....


The day America died

He even said what a disaster he was the moment he was selected

Walked out on stage flying the red and black

Will never understand what people saw in him...
Don't worry, soon major corporations like Google, Microsoft, IBM, etc will be offering their classes to the public and if/when you pass you will pretty much be guaranteed a job.

There was a computer scientist teacher at an elite university in America - 400 students from the uni, he opened his class to the world for anyone to enroll online
Those people who enrolled online did the entire course, all the tests, etc
At the very end, when he was ranking the grades he saw that the top person in-class ranked 408 overall
He had about 15,000 people who enrolled for free online

He did this to show just how much potential was out there that the university didn't pay attention to due to economic status

The university didn't like this, and he ended up going to teach for big corporations

If I didn't have to run in 5min I would be able to look him up and post the link, but its out there somewhere
If you are a student, it's very political. And not really politics 'political'. It's more like how the teacher 'feels'. Whether they 'like' you or not. If the teacher doesn't like you, you will FAIL that very expensive class you just spent all those hours on. There are so many teachers that will do this that I found out real fast to test the teachers to see what they thought. I looked at my grades and I dropped the class if it wasn't high enough. Wasn't going to get any better and you can retake the course once to replace the grade so.... Better to not get a grade and just retake the course anyway. That way you are not 'replacing' as you never got a grade.   Chuckle  You don't waste all your time because the teachers, even if they are teaching the same subject, seem to have all written a 'special' book you have to buy and the one from the last class is just useless to you.

I was in my 20s when I went to college. I had been out of school around 10 years by then. I had to take remedial math because I could not remember how to do fractions to save my life. I passed the other crap with flying colors but not those dang fractions. That was 3 semesters wasted really because I had to start at the elementary level in remedial math and it was 3, count them, 3 classes of math before they would allow me to do college math. And accounting is not math BTW. The curriculum included typing and 10 key machine classes. That 10 key machine class actually came in handy later on. The other classes were wasted time and effort. 10 key got me a job in outside inventory counting of stores while I lived in California for a year. I thought I enjoyed it but when I got a job in Mississippi doing that, I couldn't stand it. Come to find out, it was the people I worked with in California that I enjoyed. Not the actual job.  Chuckle But that was the only job I got off all those classes. I got a year down I guess or around that. I really went for my Mom. She wanted me to go and paid for it. Cost her around $300 a semester plus around $300 for books I guess. And that was for around 12-15 hours a semester too. Long time ago..... I worked full time as a waitress to pay the rent, party hardy and take a month's vacation yearly.  Wink Ahhhhh... the good ole days.  Chuckle

I hated college.
Its a damn scam to get you in debt. I have dealt with some awesome teachers. But the machine is far to powerful. True knowledge doesn't cost money, it costs pain/experience/sacrifice.
college for me was boring. i think that time in my life, i wanted to do other things. way back when, college was very affordable. i could drop a class and not feel the burn. but soon i fell into a300K debt lol..its since paid off.


(08-29-2018, 12:40 PM)atabrigade Wrote: [ -> ]Its a damn scam to get you in debt. I have dealt with some awesome teachers. But the machine is far to powerful. True knowledge doesn't cost money, it costs pain/experience/sacrifice.

After much suffering comes Wisdom...
A cute 10 minute video of plain old common sense.
Welcome to the world of the Educational Industrial Complex.
It is one more clever plan to keep people in debt and
stick it to the taxpayers.
No wonder all those young people loved Bernie in 2016
and his promise of a free college education.
College is worthwhile but too expensive.

I'm going to advise my stepson to do this:

Take a semester of community college.

Work a year.

Take another semester.

Work another year or enroll at a university.

When at the university, declare a major, see if any of the degree requirement classes are interesting and take those,

But otherwise IGNORE the degree requirements and take only classes that interest you.

Then drop out.

That's what I did once I figured it out.


And get certs.

I was an ASE certified auto tech until I let those expire,

Lifetime A+ computer cert.

Could easily get ASE master mechanic if I choose to do that again(8 certs)

Easily forklift and Class A trucker license.

Those are much CHEAPER than a bachelor degree.
Here's a couple tips for anybody going or returning to college.

1)Lecturers hate "deer in the headlights."


When students don't engage the professor it's kind of like a comedian getting heckled.

If you ask great questions after lectures and help get the conversation going, professors will remember that if you miss too many days or an assignment. You'll get a better grade than you earned.


2)If your GPA is screwed up and you're trying to get in to a university with higher standards, enroll as a fine arts major.


Then add a second major a week after you start. The one you want. Then drop fine arts a few weeks later.

That's how I got into film school.


(film school is arts and sciences not fine arts. Fine arts doesn't need a high GPA.)


If you are flunking, DROP the class.

I got in early, before my high school class graduated, on academic probation.

Did great the first semester while living with my dad. Got off probation.

Second semester my stepmother wanted me out, so I took out student loans and got an apartment.

They didn't loan me enough for rent and food, so I delivered Pizza at nights.

Missed some early morning classes.

The university I was at had a 3 absense maximum.

4th absense best you can make is a B and you have to earn an A to get a B.

5th absence an A gets you a C.

I should have dropped those classes after the fifth absence, but I thought it would be fraud because I had grants and loans.

Ruined my GPA permanently.

If it looks like you're going to get a bad grade, drop the class before the drop deadline.