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Full Version: Black cop throws white cop under the bus, cop convicted of murder of black teen driving away from party
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A white former Texas police officer has been found guilty of murder for fatally shooting an unarmed black teenager as he left a house party in a car full of teenagers.

Jurors convicted Roy Oliver on Tuesday in a Dallas County courtroom.

Oliver was fired from the Balch Springs Police Department days after the April 2017 shooting. Oliver killed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards when he fired into a moving car carrying five black teenagers leaving a local house party.

Edwards was in the front passenger seat.

Oliver testified that he opened fire after seeing the car move toward his partner. He says he thought his partner was in danger. But his partner told jurors he didn’t fear for his life and never felt the need to fire his weapon.
Yes, it’s been a big deal. Imo, good call by the jury.
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Who TF shoots at a car full of kids??
Hope he enjoys prison life.
They will treat him with the same respect he gave that child. And then some.
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