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Full Version: Q, the reflection/mirror
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(10-11-2018, 01:44 PM)psychopath slayer Wrote: [ -> ][Image: pixlr-20181011122113647.jpg]

[Image: pixlr-20181013184106712.jpg]

[Image: pixlr-20181013184154763.jpg]
(10-12-2018, 12:27 PM)psychopath slayer Wrote: [ -> ]Narcissistic injury is the term used for any threat to a narcissist's outsized ego or self-esteem

[Image: pixlr-20181012111458957.jpg]

yes, its that bad Yeah3

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[Image: pixlr-20181013204018800.jpg]
ain't she just precious Jptdknpa

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(10-13-2018, 11:27 PM)psychopath slayer Wrote: [ -> ][Image: pixlr-20181013221834001.jpg]

I'm going with #3

[Image: pixlr-20181013223317869.jpg]

[Image: pixlr-20181013223629821.jpg]
“The devil’s mission is to destroy,” the pope said. “This is his vocation: to destroy the work of God.”

that's exactly what pope Francis has done, he's backing man's agenda, not God's

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double meanings exist Chuckle

By minding your P’s and Q’s creates a situation where all are respected and treated with dignity.
(09-26-2018, 04:42 PM)psychopath slayer Wrote: [ -> ]Google Chrome Begins ‘Syncing’
All Browser Data to Your Identity
Without Asking

Nobody on the Chrome development team can provide a clear rationale for why this change was necessary, and the explanations they’ve given don’t make any sense. This change has enormous implications for user privacy and trust, and Google seems unable to grapple with this,” Green explained. “The change makes a hash out of Google’s own privacy policies for Chrome. Google needs to stop treating customer trust like it’s a renewable resource, because they’re screwing up badly.”

“Big brother doesn’t need to actually watch you. We tell things to our web browsers that we wouldn’t tell our best friends,” concluded Green.
For all we know, the new approach has privacy implications even if sync is off. The Chrome developers claim that with ‘sync’ off, a Chrome has no privacy implications. This might be true. But when pressed on the actual details, nobody seems quite sure.

recommended based on my interest and FB post  Jptdknpa

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[Image: Screenshot-20181014-181643.jpg]
they tried to twist Trumps words, but the meassage remained the same...

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