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Full Version: Dreams Of UFOs
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Does anyone ever have dreams that they are in contact with orbs of light or other UFOs. I have gotten quite a few, and always end up with me flipping them the bird and cussing them out or wanting to grab a gun and take pot shots at them. Also had dreams of something trying to pull me out of bed and I wake up kicking the shit out of the covers.

I have had real life experience with the light orbs at night , perhaps this is the reason for the dreams.
Sounds like you're an abductee. Chuckle
(08-15-2018, 09:36 PM)NightStalker2.0 Wrote: [ -> ]Sounds like you're an abductee.  Chuckle

Well, maybe. But if so I cant remember. Im not so sure these things are " aliens" as usually portrayed. Its like they arent fully in this realm, only here as energy , but would like to take us back to the other side as an energy.

At any rate the little bastards are annoying.