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Full Version: Basic Rules of MSM News Viewing
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Sometimes, our blogger buddy down in Mexico cracks me up. But then there's an ounce of truth on occasion.

1. Never believe the official story unless it is a weather report, and you can really confirm it is rainy/sunny by looking out the window while they are saying it is rainy/sunny.

2. Always consider that whatever they broadcast is an effort to fulfil a motive, rather than actually help anyone with information.

3. When using social media, remember that whatever it claims is news is the choice of a transvestite that rapes little boys and wants such behavior normalized under communist rule. Or maybe the decisions were made by an AI that was programmed by said transvestite.

4. ALWAYS remember that when it is the MSM or social media talking, those making the decisions on whatever platform are openly seeking to destroy the United States (or your country), and will call any activity that harms the nation "progress".

5. Always remember that if you go to work in the morning, and return home to an intact family, they despise you and really do want to say whatever it takes to cause you to destroy that family, so you return home to an empty house with only them as a companion and influencer.