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Full Version: Liberals begin boycotting Twitter sponsors to get Alex Jones/Infowars kicked off platform
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If they want this too stick, they'd boycott Twitter.

But they can't, it's like heroin to them.

Libs make me sick,they're the only ones that want to be heard,its a two side street HELLO??? Facepalm

its why I made the move from Blue to Red and may move out of Los Angeles sooner than later Heartflowers
Two Way Street ?

I thought We were a 7 Way Intersection .

Alex Jones is like so misunderstood within our given matrix. Poet, artist, Humanist and Seer....the Baptist...

The Alex Jones Prison Planet - "Goblet Of Death"

It's just a matter of time before most people see he was Right! Then it will be too late again. tic toc.
Jptdknpa What no leaving Twitter in mass?! Twitter will just unblock the advertisers and what will libtards on Twitter say then? Twitter is like crack to a Social Justice Warrior. I would like to see them actually boycott Twitter not just their advertisers if they are really serious about censoring Alex Jones for his political opinions and say he is creating a toxic environment on Twitter with his libertarian politics. We know these authoritarian, sanctimonious, virtue signalling SJW assholes would never give up their Twitter crack because where would they go to spew their inane thoughts like diarrhea. Eyeroll
(08-13-2018, 06:56 AM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]If they want this too stick, they'd boycott Twitter.

But they can't, it's like heroin to them.


Why does anyone even follow Fortune 500 corporations on Twitter?

Is keeping up with Samsung and HR Block tweets that important to leftists?

After reading those truly deranged, and triggered comments, I'm going to sit back and watch as liberals destroy Twitter all by themselves.
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