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Full Version: 6.4 Alaska Quake
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68km WSW of Kaktovik, Alaska
2018-08-12 14:58:53 (UTC)
3.1 km

Date time 2018-08-12 14:58:56.4 UTC
Location 69.65 N ; 145.29 W
Depth 10 km
Another 5.0 a few minutes ago.


emsc has the depth at 2km, very shallow.

I have noticed more frequent earthquakes in the higher north latitudes these past few days -

4.2 Arctic Ocean

Alaska earthquakes are linked to activity at Yellowstone -


Tick tock

The hour is late..
[Image: w8hPVzc.jpg][Image: VqdzFEX.jpg]
The big one
[Image: Z45BKC8.jpg]
74km SSW of Kaktovik, Alaska
2018-08-12 15:34:50 (UTC)
10.0 km

46km SSW of Kaktovik, Alaska
2018-08-12 15:27:45 (UTC)
15.7 km

76km SW of Kaktovik, Alaska
2018-08-12 15:18:39 (UTC)
5.4 km

73km SW of Kaktovik, Alaska
2018-08-12 15:14:21 (UTC)
0.1 km
[Image: mOO2t77.jpg]
It's having some pretty decent aftershocks!
I count more than 20 in the last 2 hrs...

[Image: QOgasZK.jpg]
New discoveries and use of fracking to the west of ANWR suggest there is more accessible petroleum. How much more? ... The Inupiat who live in Kaktovik, ...

this article talks of explosions planned, it's from May, they anticipated it would start in December
but perhaps it's started already.

Trump, Mukowski and Republican politicians seek to expedite drilling, mining, fracking, road building,
agricultural (GMO/pesticide use) and anything else than can do to profit from formerly protected lands.
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