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Full Version: but remember it's a sin to kill a mockingbird
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I don't understand why the hell Harper Lee used the mockingbird to represent the idea of innocence, it's symbolic I know, but why use a bullying asshole bird to symbolize innocence, to me, it'd be closer to being a sin if you didn't kill a mockingbird...

I loved the story and thought highly of Mr. Atticus Finch until couple weeks ago, as I sat on the patio and watched two mockingbirds harass and bully two cardinals, they chased them into the tress going branch to branch pecking at the red birds, annoyingly loud and it was then I realized Atticus was full of shit and no doubt, he was a liberal hypocrite because only they would tell you it's a sin to kill an asshole mockingbird  Chuckle
maybe Harper Lee was referring to killing the mockingbird media because these birds are serious asshole and deserve to be killed way before a blue jay Facepalm
and it's not a sin, its only illegal to kill a mockingbird lol