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Full Version: Saudi warplanes slaughter bus full of kids intentionally
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Saudi warplanes attacked a school bus in northern Yemen on Thursday, hitting the bus just as it was passing through a crowded marketplace. At least 50 civilians were killed in the attack, mostly schoolchildren, and 77 others were wounded.

Exact splits between children and people who were shopping at the market is not yet clear. The Red Cross, however, confirmed that “scores” of children were killed, saying that most of the victims were under the age of 10.
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Just a thought... if you're not going to care about slaughtering children
with bombs, you're not going to care if they are raped either.. hell,
you might be raping them yourself.. that's the Saudis.
But they are America and England's darlings... beyond reproach !
Under the Saudi/Wahhabi retributive Shariah-based judicial system, child marriage is legally enforced, gang-raped women can be sentenced to flogging and imprisonment for luring men and polygamy (up to four wives per man) are normal practice. The unspeakable practice of child marriage is religiously sanctioned as stated by the Saudi Mufti, the highest religious authority and overseer of the Saudi educational system and enforcer of the state’s smothering social taboos, which are based on his and his subordinates’ (senior clerics) arbitrary interpretation of proper social conduct.

Why Saudi Arabia is branded “a Destination for Human Trafficking & Modern-day Slavery?”

It’s estimated that there are between 9 and 10 million defenseless expatriate laborers in Saudi Arabia, of which two to three million are maids. These maids are mostly poverty stricken Asian and African women who traveled to Saudi Arabia in the hope of earning honest income to feed their starving families they left behind in their poverty ravished homelands. As has been abundantly documented by human rights groups and some western governments, they are not only overworked and underpaid, but many (if not most of them) are sexually abused, beaten, starved and burned. The inhumane treatment of many of the maids in Saudi Arabia has been highlighted by this organization (CDHR), Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the US Department of State, among many others, including some Saudi newspapers.
Slaughters like this will only stop when the west puts morality ahead of money and political convenience. The Saudi's are utter scum.
Those planes are US supplied. What population allowed their government to sell to murderers?

In a real democracy the people rule not the government.

You don't get to see or hear what US drones to to families in the USA. That is forbidden. They have killed families, kids, school class rooms. Most of them in Africa where the USA is not officially at war or in any conflict.
The people the USA sells their weapons to cannot be trusted, yet they still are customers....because of Billionaire Media censorship contracts. The Media and US military work hand in hand in many areas the US public is forbidden from knowing about.

US people never know anything about this when I tell them, excepting former military personal, they know exactly what happens, they get told in the bars. The USA is the most censored nation on earth.
(08-09-2018, 05:53 PM)Pope Trollalotta Wrote: [ -> ]Slaughters like this will only stop when the west puts morality ahead of money and political convenience. The Saudi's are utter scum.

And yet we sell them weapons and turn them into billionaires
soon to be up to a trillion in House of Saud profit when ARAMCO
goes public. Kushner and Zuckerberg are close personal friends
of Mohammad bin Salman, and the US makes sanctions and regime
change plans against their most formidable foe, Iran, which is a
stand-up country that never, ever behaved as the Saudis do.

All this, and Sean Hannity's biggest beef he rattled about for
years was that women couldn't drive. He never mentioned
any of this stuff... gee, I wonder why ? No, I don't wonder why.


(08-09-2018, 05:53 PM)Pope Trollalotta Wrote: [ -> ]Slaughters like this will only stop when the west puts morality ahead of money and political convenience. The Saudi's are utter scum.

Should never have let that sleazy low IQ family get so wealthy to begin with. Time to confiscate all their assets in the west and then use that money to invade them. Take out all those gulf states.
Saudi Arabia is the most disgusting nation on Earth. And the biggest supporters of Wahhabism terrorism. And the biggest financers of ISIS.
Saudi Arabia is the exact type of nation that ISIS tried to create. Saudi Arabia is the mirror image of ISIS ideology. Most disgusting country on Earth.
[Image: hlZwOpt.jpg]
When the age of oil is over saudi Arabians will return to their old primitive desert ways.
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