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Full Version: New Qanon resource?
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[Image: keybase_link.png]
I noticed a new link on tonight.

[Image: keybase.png]

I am unfamiliar with the platform. It looks like an encryption tool, but Granny has not had a chance to 'fiddle' with it yet, curious if other have.
Shameful bump ... trying to figure out if anyone has figured this out ... Scratchinghead
[Image: DjZuDJ0UwAAgs59.jpg]

(08-03-2018, 07:33 AM)Heir Wrote: [ -> ][Image: DjZuDJ0UwAAgs59.jpg]


[Image: grannyandpipe.jpg]
(08-03-2018, 07:49 AM)Ozarkgranny Wrote: [ -> ]CLASS ACTION?

I kind of doubt it . A discriminated Class in a non commercial venue ?

My take is Twitter , on the users end of things , is non commercial / Private enterprise . It is a " Free " Offering isn ' t it ? I could easily be wrong , since I haven ' t even cared to read Tweets till recently and have no current interest in participation .

If it Cost an actual Dime for a Year of Posting Privilege , as a matter of Contract , things would be different IMO .