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Full Version: The Rothschild Banking Cartel Versus Islamic Banking
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This is where the action is at in the middle east.

There are two things afoot
, Middle Easterner tribes people will not sell land under any circumstances. It has been in their family for 14 centuries, scince their ancestor shed blood to obtain it. It does not belong to them, it is for their descendants and cannot be sold.

Islamic banking does not charge interest.

It is against their religion and considered to be the work of the devil himself.

As you can see the people who run the western world and business set do not find this palatable. You can’t enforce your money system on people if they will not accept interest in any form. You can’t even give them a credit card.

If you want to run the global money system under One Bank, One Dollar sort of thing Islam has to be eliminated. Islamic nations do not have Rothschild Central Banks, they can’t, it would be against their religion. You see the picture?

The Rothschilds spend literally billions if not trillions of dollars over 200 years trying to control the western Money supply until in 1944 they achieve it with a set of agreements with the allied nations (the winning side, the losers pretty much had no choice) in which they got to become the International Monetary Fund and obtained control over the western money supply and exchange.

You can see their objective, controlling the Money supply of the entire world.  The Middle East stands in their way, but they have willing allies. Mining corporations need to buy land or lease it to mine. The Middle East is mineral rich and oil rich.  If Middle Easterners developed that they would become wealthy rivals.

Strategy-wise you can see the play and you can see if they were willing to spend billions of dollars and kill millions of people to obtain control of the western money supply then the lives of some rag head sand humpers means nothing to them. You can also see why they took Nukes out of the Middle East, because irradiated land is less viable for mining than non irradiated land. The last resort would be to threaten to nuke the very resources they wanted to mine if they invaded.

I’m sure PR people could sell Irradiated Oil as something which would be better for your engine.

“I.O. for that night-time glow”

The conflicts in the middle east are about killing tribal people who own tribal lands. That is the key connection in all the middle eastern conflicts the western nations are involved in and you can see the longer term goal. Removal of land rights from Tribal owners one way or another.

You literally can’t mine land when people won’t sell it to you. Nor can you put Oil Pipelines across it.

You see the allies of the Rothschilds coming into focus now. The Mega Mining corporations and Oil Corporations all want a piece of the middle eastern action. The 7 sisters Oil cartel makes turns over more money that 92% of Nations on Earth. Their Mining counterparts make a little less, but only a little. Enough money to fund wars and factions. Pay for mercenaries of all colors and creeds.

"The Middle East will remain to be a dangerous place until all oil and mineral resources have been depleted."-The Unseen Chairman.

Islamic banks don’t charge interest. Instead you pay back a set fee. If say you borrowed 100K you might have to pay back 110K. Western Loans with compound interest often cost people 3 times the original sum they borrowed.

Have a think about that.

On top of that those loans are sold in bundles as “Investments” paying slightly under what the interest rates being charged are so the banks make back the money they lent you instantly upon sale of these bonds and financial investments. This is what cause the huge inflation which has consistently dropped purchasing power of everyone in the western world. This is why a US silver Dollar from the good old days is worth so much more than a dollar today. Because Banking criminals devalue currencies because it is profitable to do so if you know the game.

I can’t buy tribal land in the middle east, no one can but if I could I would get a great deal from their banks. You can see why these people and their ways are enemies of the Western Bankers and their Mining Cartel buddies.
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