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Full Version: Man Loses 280-Pounds In Two Years With Simple Diet And Walking Over 6,000 Miles
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Dave Lancaster is 45-years-0ld and he is in the best shape of his life. A call center manager and one who binge ate unhealthy foods daily, recently lost 280-pounds due to a few healthy lifestyle changes.

For years Dave ate nothing but junk food, chips, sausages, pies and a lot of wine. His unhealthy eating habits had him weighing 480-pounds at his peak weight.

i was like that in late 1999 . out of shape and feeling miserable, hopeless. until one day on my own accord, i began a long journey towards redemption! altered my food intake, did exercises and by late 2011, i started to lose weight slowly but surely. weight went up and down for many years. 220, 215, 200 and finally 140.