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Full Version: After Armed Homeowner Defends Family from Home Invader, Cops Show Up and Kill Him
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Kill the intruder and don't call the cops, there's lots of lakes and swamps around to dispose of the body, if you call the cops you will most likely have a civil suit against you from a family member of the "dindu" and will lose your house and/or have to pay that asshole for decades to come.
(07-31-2018, 08:35 PM)Mindzen Wrote: [ -> ]Timeline doesn't add up in this story at all.

Armed person breaks in, starts beating on juvenile, father calls 911, gets his gun and ............... what? ... waits till the cops show up to start shooting the armed intruder? ... thus causing the police to hear the gunshots and bust into the house? ... catching the father with the gun he just used to shoot the intruder ... and shoots him thinking he is the intruder?

bullshit. doesn't make sense.

This could be a case where the father shoots the intruder, then walks around with his gun waiting on the cops, cops bust in , sees his gun and shoots him .... then cops lie about hearing gun shots to give them an excuse as to why they busted into the house.

Or perhaps the cops just busting inside, shooting in a blaze of glory and the father is not at fault at all.

But this story ... does not add up.

Yep, the story is wrong. The intruder would have been shot before or right after the 9 11 call. I doubt the man would have answered the door armed, but maybe in a panic. The victim who defended his family probably had blood on him due to the childs injury or the killing. I hope family members won't be quieted and are able to make a statement.

I don't like this
this is such a sad story. Very very sad.

This is why I have a back up plan in case if I'm ever in the same situation as that poor home owner. I plan on quickly telling them (the police) what I'm wearing so at least that gives them a chance to know what the hell is going on. And, only if possible. You never know what type of situation it will be. But if you have a chance and find your self in the same scenario, describe to them as quick as possible the clothing you are wearing. And like I said above, it's only IF you're able to. Many scenarios will have you calling the police after you have already killed/shot the intruder(s)

but anyhow, R.I.P to that brave man that saved his family.
So much of this story does not make sense as reported. Is the reporter biased against the police? Did the intruder and the father have a history of threatening each other? Did the family think other intruders were breaking in? Did the police fail to identify themselves? Did the homeowner merely wound the intruder, but fail to disarm him, so that he resumed the fight as officers were arriving? Did the homeowner do something really stupid to get shot? We do not have enough facts to start spreading blame around. I hope the truth emerges quickly. Having served as a deputy sheriff, I doubt that the police fired at the homeowner for no reason.
I seriously need to move from this area. I am north of there but dang!!!!

Also, don’t jump to conclusions on that officer. The homeowner should have put his weapon down. The police had no way of knowing if that was the suspect or not. Wait for more info before crucifying a police officer. If he was wrong charge him. If he was innocent in confusion, pray for him.

Glad I retired from law enforcement 21 years ago. This world is crazy
(07-31-2018, 07:36 PM)Nekro Wrote: [ -> ]
(07-31-2018, 02:50 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]
(07-31-2018, 10:08 AM)Cryptic Mole Wrote: [ -> ]How unfortunate, but no one knows just how chaotic the scene was and what took place when the officers arrived. It's too soon to draw any conclusions, let alone make any judgments.

Having served 32 years in a major metropolitan police department, I can say without exception that the police officers of today are TOO QUICK to resort to the use of firearms and are trigger happy!

you are the only cops I respect, thank you, thank you very much for speaking out that there is a major diff between enforcing the law from your era and now.  Drinks

Exactly. I was a dispatcher and deputy starting in 77, retired in 97. The world is totally different since 77. Even in the mid 90’s, the new cops were mostly what I called punks and never understood what the thin blue line was, the family, the mentality of SERVING and PROTECTING
What a sad story. Defending your family and you get killed by those you call to help you.
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