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Full Version: Border Patrol Finds Unexploded WWII Ordnance at U. S. Mexican Border
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This is interesting.  I wonder why it is there?  Was it to be used for some other nefarious purpose such as a terror attack?  Or has it been laying there for 70 years?

Border Patrol agents assigned to the Brian A. Terry Station discovered unexploded WWII-era ordnance near the Arizona-Mexico border. The unexploded round appears to have become unearthed during recent rains in the southeastern Arizona desert.

A Border Patrol agent discovered the unexploded antitank round during a patrol along the Arizona-Mexico international border in Cochise County on July 20. The agent contacted Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannel’s Office to get assistance in securing the area until an expert could make the round safe, according to Tucson Sector officials.

A U.S. Air Force explosive ordnance disposal technician from Davis Monthan AFB traveled to the site on Tuesday morning and confirmed the device was indeed a live round. The airman determined that the round could not be safely moved and decided to detonate it in place.

Here is what it looked like:

[Image: Ordnance-1-640x479.jpg]

Border Patrol officials told Breitbart Texas that the MK2 37mm round appears to have been unearthed during recent rains. The round could have been in the area for nearly 75 years. describes the round as a “high-explosive shell” that weighs about 1.6 pounds.

Linky so no stinky:

What I wonder is how much more of this type of ordinance is laying around, just under the surface of the ground?  Not just this location but nationally.  Where no one knows its there.  Then some unsuspecting person comes along and BOOM!