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Full Version: Andrew McCarthy Busts Lying FBI and FISA Judges on Carter Page FISA Documents: “It’s astonishing”
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The short video below is just the tip of the iceberg on the corrupt FBI. It’s great commentary from Andrew McCarthy but we wish he could have kept going to give us more. He’s fantastic!

The DOJ released over 400 pages of a FISA documents that are heavily redacted. Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy was interviewed this morning on FOX & Friends:


“I’m really embarrassed because I told people for months that this could never ever happen. What I told people was that you’re not even going to hear about the dossier when we finally learn what’s in the FISA warrants.

McCarthy goes on to describe what the FBI typically does in cases like this.

“When you read this thing…it’s astonishing. It’s as if they took the dossier and slapped a caption on it and gave it to the judge.

“I must say that this is so bad that they ought to be looking at the judges who signed off on this stuff.”

“YOU FOUND A NUGGET”…Griff Jenkins asks McCarthy about the “nugget” he found in the FISA documents:

McCarthy calls out the FBI for lying about the accuracy of the dossier: “They haven’t verified it and it’s not accurate”


McCarthy continues to say that the FBI used the exact same unverified information (dossier) to get three more approvals from the judges.

Note that while under oath James Comey  testified to congress that the *Steele dossier was NEVER verified for accuracy. The FBI also never revealed to the court that the *fake dossier was paid for by the Clinton campaign!


The FBI did that to the guy who wrote the DOJ OIG complaint that alleged NSA illegal surveillance using civilian contractors and watch groups ( The NSA wiretapping scandal in 2004-05.

And, the scandal includes NSA watch groups working with county-city-state-fed law enforcement to illegally seize and disseminate tainted info against targets.

And, the illegal contract surveillance also joined conspiracies to commit murders of US citizens NOT thought or reasonably SUSPECTED of being terrorists, agents of foreign powers, or criminals: politically motivated murders.

Who got whacked and how and why???!!!!

A fat fed punk pussy known as THE FBI under Mueller-Comey-Wray......have no interest in talking to a cooperating source of info who signed and sent the DOJ OIG complaint.

This guy was censored at GLP after posting info on the anomaly threads: that info referenced the old tick Tock theme with Assange's insurance file now sandwiched with Putin's terabyte drop to Trump.

Notice Assange's is being moved out of his safe harbor? He has to launch or lose his insurance files.

Thus, GLP censored that nobody guy complainant: a TI for thirty years.


FBI coordinated with retired FBI scumbag lowlife swine....working as NSA contractors (classified programs ='s COINTELPRO torture='s criminal immunity).

Those punk idiots are found driving Boss Mustangs, sometimes.

Contractors manufacture crimes using TI's gps enforcement gets duped into running witch hunt: Judges sign any warrant without ever asking any questions about contractors fusing with reserve deputy sheriffs and watch group vigilantes.

Milsted in sf, considers it all legal and protected.


Reno NV US attorneys publicly positioned a news story in which they announced that "....they will not accept any crim referrals from NV BATF: attempted frame up of TSB by FBI using Danny Coulson (former FBI) as the contractor who set up an arson device in Great Basin Nat Park to cast suspicion on an FBI target named TSB.

TSB was targeted for setting up sting operation on NSA-FBI illegal wiretapping and entrapment using S S S ( mind hacking).


These are the facts that are too hot to handle.

Reality Bites, but spin wins.