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Full Version: Ross Ulbricht Emerges on Twitter, Shares Petition for Clemency
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Ross ran the Silk Road site (using the pseudonym "Dread Pirate Roberts", a reference to the book/movie "The Princess Bride"), where one could purchase anything for BTC. Some say, including a murder, which is the reason for the life sentence.

My take on it is, he wrote some code to create a marketplace. If there were people doing illegal things on the marketplace, it was those people doing it, not the marketplace itself.

Similarly: drug dealer agrees to meet customer at a McDonald's. Deal gets busted. Should the authorities be able to "take down McDonald's" as a result?

Or, a dispute happens and one customer murders another in a shopping mall. Does ownership of the shopping mall revert to the authorities?

I hope and pray for clemency. Hey perhaps someone here who's on Twitter might share this with the President's account?

Direct link to the petition:

As of right now, 22,640 people have signed the petition. I'm about to.