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Full Version: Great Quake of 2018 - July 19 - August 28 - Earthquake Watch
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Rare event to occur in Solar System July 19, 2018

The planets will be on one side of the solar system, which he notes has only happened 6 times in the past 120 years.  He claims that there is increased volcanic activity on the planet from this happening (video posted a year ago).  As we've seen with Hawaii, Krakatou, Galopagos Islands, Guatamala's Fuego, Mount Agung of Indonesia, Iceland's volcano, and Piton de la Fournaise, Reunion, Nishinoshima volcano, Japan and many others have had increased activity in recent weeks/months.

"Looking ahead into this year my model is suggesting a strong probability of a very large earthquake, possibly a record setter between the dates July 19, 2018 and August 28, 2018. Conditions will become very favorable as time moves forward":


There was a mb 5.1 in the caldera of Toba supervolcano on the 9th of July. Mount Sinabung which is 25 miles from Toba has been erupting since 2010 -

Magnitude mb 5.1
Date time 2018-07-09 05:40:25.9 UTC
Location 2.40 N ; 99.06 E
Depth 158 km

The map in the link below shows the Indo-Australian break-up region near Toba -

Unusual Indian Ocean earthquakes hint at tectonic breakup

A pair of massive earthquakes that rocked the Indian Ocean on 11 April 2012 may signal the latest step in the formation of a new plate boundary within Earth’s surface.


Yellowstone, and the recent Yellowstone threads. Although, I do not suspect Yellowstone will be overly problematic in the days, weeks, months to come.
hopefully just mercury getting out of there will stop the earthquakes, then. THe bigger planets take a lot longer...

Get ready for volcanic activity and earth quakes. tectonic plates shifting etc... Hiding


The predictions of the OP has to be added to the predictions about the slowing of the rotation of the Earth -

2018: A New Year Of Volcanoes And Earthquakes

Experts fear the frequency of massive quakes and raging volcanoes could soar in 2018 as the earth’s molten core puts the brakes on the planet’s rotation. The planet is entering a five-year period of slow-down where the movement of the molten iron core slows the Earth’s spin.
Won't all that weight on one side of the solar system cause it to capsize and sink?
. . . (think congressional logic)
(07-16-2018, 05:45 AM)Hung Likable Wrote: [ -> ]Won't all that weight on one side of the solar system cause it to capsize and sink?
. . . (think congressional logic)

Quick! Everyone run to the port side to keep us from heeling over!!!!!

[Image: dNrOVhg.jpg]

@Dough Dude since you're one of our Arkansas guys, question for you (and anyone else that can chime in):

Years ago, I visited the car museum on Mt. Petit Jean. Did I dream this, or did I see somewhere that it's an extinct volcano?

There's always going to be a fearporn thread about Yellowstone out there. Outside of living underground long enough to see the healing complete, I don't see much "prepping" one could do. Then, there's always the possibility of "appropriating" a boat large enough to head south of the equator. Chuckle
[Image: sPCZ8gY.jpg]
I see conflicting data here.

punch in the date July 19th, 2018... Uranus is plainly on the other side.
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