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Full Version: Bizarre, Creepy Video Of Peter Strzok Smirking Goes Viral
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While Peter Strzok's marathon Congressional testimony was full of bickering, chaos and drama - mostly between members of the House Judiciary and Oversight committees - a clip of the disgraced FBI agent's seemingly giddy reaction after answering a question is creeping people out.

Some have suggested that Strzok's reaction was "Duper's delight" - a hidden smirk that slips out at an inappropriate moment when a liar celebrates a successful manipulation.
[Image: tXqF0Vn.jpg]
looks like a 6 year old. this dude is an f b i agent? like agent utah? crazy
He looks like someone who's been told nothing is ever going to happen to him and is "protected", yet doesn't have enough brains to play the part that his handlers wanted and outed everyone with facial expression and body language. Of course... nothing HAS happened to him, has it?

No one can prove a smirk's meaning and it's a silent indication of something internal, but a smirk can make you want to smack someone right in the mouth in certain circumstances.
I noticed that every time his character was called into how he lied to his wife while having an affair, which is a damned valid case against his character and that he is a damned professional liar...the ignorant democrat banshees would start hollering in his defense.

I'm coming to the conclusion that the left is populated by psychopaths whose leaders are sociopaths.


Lordy, lordy, awe schucks. What a poker face.
Woman Recording Strzok Testimony on Own TV Catches Creepiest Moment by Far

Published on Jul 13, 2018
Yeah, There were alotta buffahs
Peter Strzok exposed during House Testimony.
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