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Full Version: The Super Suit That Can Help People Move
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Quote:A lightweight, comfortable ‘super suit’ designed by Seismic – a wearable robotics spin-off from the non-profit research centre SRI International – works with the user’s muscles to help boost their power.

The suit’s ‘electric muscles', powered by tiny motors, contract in a way that mimics human muscle. These electric muscles are integrated into the clothing around the joints of the body and attached via grips in the clothing. These grips function like tendons in the human body.

A computer and sensors tracking body movements are also integrated into the suit; software tells the muscles in the clothing when to activate. The hard technology components such as motors, batteries and control boards are incorporated into hexagonal low-profile pods, designed for maximum comfort.


i'm so lazy. i would buy one. Chuckle

Full Throttle

Cool, I'd like one myself.
Only if it makes that cool sound from the 6 million dollar man and comes with a cape
(07-06-2018, 10:24 AM)goddess101 Wrote: [ -> ]Only if it makes that cool sound from the 6 million dollar man and comes with a cape


It's been done in the movies.

So, predictive programming marketing style? Chuckle
First for the handicapped, then weaponized into a soilder suit? Usually that happens in reverse.
Disappointed does not even begin to describe how I feel about The Fringe today!

This should have been posted within 30 seconds of the OP: