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Full Version: Facebook Just Deleted a Page that Helped Suicidal Veterans Cope With Combat Stress
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The owners of a Facebook page dedicated to helping suicidal veterans cope with combat stress claim that their page was mysteriously deleted by Facebook with no explanation. The closure is one of the latest from the company, which has been heavily criticized as of late for running a censorship campaign targeting alternative news media outlets (among others) all in a self-professed effort to combat “fake news.”

The page was called “Fill Your Boots UK” (FYB UK) and was created to help veterans deal with post-traumatic stress disorder. Until it was shut down, FYB UK offered a daily “Cry for Help” in which desperate soldiers could reach out for help, many of whom were suicidal. Critics of Facebook’s decision to shut down FYB UK now say those same people will likely go on to commit suicide. Facebook claims the page violated its “community guidelines” but will not elaborate.

FYB UK’s founder, ex-paratrooper Alfie Usher, encouraged other soldiers to rush to the aid of another who issued a “Cry for Help.” Their mission was to help suicidal soldiers get through hard times, much like an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) sponsor does for alcoholics who are tempted to drink.

Usher said he believes the ban occurred after he and another combat veteran exchanged messages whereby the soldier was contemplating killing himself after learning a few of his soldier buddies had died in a bombing in Afghanistan. After calling Facebook and speaking with the company’s moderators, the decision stood. The company would not lift the ban on the page. Usher told The Daily Mail:
That is horrible.
Oh my. Next time I log in,I'm going to see if Stick Vet is still up. He's a vet that turned to cartooning to deal with his PTSD and he has helped so many.