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Full Version: Miles Mathis discussion
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This was brought up in the Q thread. I thought someone was going to start a dedicated post about it. But, searched and didn't find one.

I only downloaded the Hollywood series, and have just begun to read Part 1. I've been highly interested in old Hollywood since Hollywood Babylon came out (which is sensationalistic, I know). But so many mysteries surround HW...and OLD Hollywood really draws me in for some reason.

It dives right in to talking about the accusations about Fatty Arbuckle (silent film star) and the (supposed) rape of Virginia Rappe. Many many years ago I read the book (and still have it, something won't let me pass it on to Goodwill and such) The Day The Laughter Stopped.

[Image: the_day_the_laughter_stopped_Fatty_Arbuckle.jpg]

It's seems so obvious he was duped/used/set up. I've believed that since reading the book noted above. BUT, I'm only like 2 pages in on Mathis paper (and what I don't get is some Kevin S seems to be the main writer with Mathis making comment - which are highlighted to note)....and this guy is connecting dots like Dave McGowan! Anyway, he goes through all these family connections of Arbuckle and ends up connecting his line to Stefan Molyneux - yes. The YT Stefan Molyneux. That made me stop and create this post.

Forgive all the highlighting, it's in the PDF. Gray = family lineage, yellow = numerology and purple Mathis additions.

[Image: arbuckle_family_lineage.jpg]

I don't recall who the original poster was in the Q thread that brought him up....but I'd like a discussion if anyone is up for it.