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Full Version: General Trump MAGAthread.
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Stuff I found but don't want to start a new thread about or does not fit into any of the current threads.

MSNBC backfire on Donald Trump

Confederates For Donald Trump Warn Of White Ethnic Cleansing - TYT Politics

VIDEO: Time Reporter Grabs Secret Service Agent’s Throat at Trump Rally *UPDATED*

According to The Independent Journal’s congressional reporter Joe Perticone, the man holding the camera in the video below is a journalist. Perticone writes, “Secret Service agent choke slams reporter. ” The video doesn’t show that [updated] Videos added below appear to show the reporter intentionally bumping up against the agent and saying “f*ck you” before the agent throws him to the ground. From the ground, you can see the reporter kicking the agent from an apparent defensive position.

Nevertheless, once whatever happened between the two men is over, and both are standing, watch the reporter suddenly reach out and grab the Secret Service agent’s throat.

Now why doesn't this prick get charged with interfering in a federal officers duties?

Top Democrat Consultant: Hillary Is in Trouble – Democrats Underestimating Trump (VIDEO)

Top Democratic consultant Nomiki Konst warned Democrats that Hillary Clinton will have a very difficult time in the general election against Donald Trump – especially with working class voters and youth voters.


Political science professor forecasts Trump as general election winner

A professor of political science at Stony Brook University has forecasted that Donald Trump has a minimum 97 percent chance of winning the general election as the Republican nominee.
Professor Helmut Norpoth’s forecast presentation took place Monday evening in the SUNY Global Center in Manhattan, which was organized by the Stony Brook Alumni Association.
Norpoth created a statistical model of presidential elections that uses a candidate’s performance in their party’s primary and patterns in the electoral cycle as predictors of the presidential vote in the general election.
Donald Trump has a 97 percent chance of defeating Hillary Clinton and a 99 percent chance of defeating Bernie Sanders in the general election, according to Norpoth’s formula.

Guest Post – The 2016 Election Stats The Media and Establishment Republicans Prefer To Ignore….

We have been following the election closely.  One of the key aspects noted by everyone is the intensity of turnout on one specific side, the Republican side.  Some pundits and analysts call this “the Trump Effect” – because Donald Trump has brought more people into the election process than ever before.

We have also been predicting a tsunami election not only in ‘primary’ support of candidate Donald Trump, but also with overwhelming participation in the general election which would seemingly crush any Democrat opponent.

However, in an effort to find independent analysis for our own research we reached out with an offer for anyone to compile their own modeling.   A data analyst by trade, Nick H took up our offer and here’s his findings:
To put this guy's Trump prediction in perspective, his model gave Obama a 92% chance of winning in 2012.

The Republican Party’s implosion over Donald Trump’s candidacy has arrived

MADISON, Ala. — The implosion over Donald Trump’s candidacy that Republicans had hoped to avoid arrived so virulently this weekend that many party leaders vowed never to back the billionaire and openly questioned whether the GOP could come together this election year.

At a moment when Republicans had hoped to begin taking on Hillary Clinton — who is seemingly on her way to wrapping up the Democratic nomination — the GOP has instead become consumed by a crisis over its identity and core values that is almost certain to last through the July party convention, if not the rest of the year.

"The GOP Is On The Verge Of A Meltdown": Senior Republicans Threaten To Vote For Hillary

With Donald Trump set for a yuuge victory in tomorrow's Super Tuesday slugfest - oddsmakers see 80% chance of Trump being the nominee - tensions are mounting dramatically within the Republican establishment. As The FT reports, many mainstream Republicans believe Mr Trump would struggle to beat Hillary Clinton and are urgently rallying around their man Rubio with some senior Republicans saying privately that they might consider voting for Mrs Clinton if Mr Trump were to end up as their party nominee as one conservative commentator exclaimed "we are on the verge of a real meltdown in the Republican party."

Trump's lead in the polls over his GOP nominee 'peers' continues to grow...

#NeverTrump and the coming schism in the Republican Party, explained

There’s a corner of the Republican Party that has quietly feared and hated Donald Trump for months. It’s spilled, messily, into the open. Just click on the hashtag: #NeverTrump.

Don’t Assume Conservatives Will Rally Behind Trump

If Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential nomination, he’ll have undermined a lot of assumptions we once held about the GOP. He’ll have become the nominee despite neither being reliably conservative nor being very electable, supposedly the two things Republicans care most about. He’ll have done it with very little support from “party elites” (although with some recent exceptions like Chris Christie). He’ll have attacked the Republican Party’s three previous candidates — Mitt Romney, John McCain and George W. Bush — without many consequences. If a Trump nomination happens, it will imply that the Republican Party has been weakened and is perhaps even on the brink of failure, unable to coordinate on a plan to stop Trump despite the existential threat he poses to it.

Neocon Kagan Endorses Hillary Clinton
February 25, 2016
Exclusive: Hillary Clinton’s cozy ties to Washington’s powerful neocons have paid off with the endorsement of Robert Kagan, one of the most influential neocons. But it also should raise questions among Democrats about what kind of foreign policy a President Hillary Clinton would pursue, writes Robert Parry.

By Robert Parry
Prominent neocon Robert Kagan has endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton for president, saying she represents the best hope for saving the United States from populist billionaire Donald Trump, who has repudiated the neoconservative cause of U.S. military interventions in line with Israel’s interests.
Apparently Ted Cruz has offered to drop out of the POTUS race in exchange for a supreme court appointment.

Cruz Offers To Drop Out Of POTUS Race For Supreme Court Appointment


Cruz served as a law clerk to J. Michael Luttig of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in 1995[45][47] and William Rehnquist, Chief Justice of the United States in 1996.[6] Cruz was the first Hispanic to clerk for a Chief Justice of the United States.[48]
Trump's lead in MA and Alabama is huge. Usually, candidates with strong voter appeal in the deep south struggle in the northeast and visa versa. Trump is kicking ass in both regions. I've never seen this happen before. Trump is rewriting the book of political conventional wisdom.


Super Tuesday tomorrow and MN votes....I'll get out and vote....1st time I ever did in a primary... Cheer
I'm looking forward to tomorrow night. I hope you guys will be here, it should be fun.