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Full Version: Swamp Draining ~ It's What We're NOT Seeing That's Important
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2. Additionally, the Mob has moles everywhere, even at the highest levels of other relevant investigatory organs, who will report to the higher ups anything that might aid them in their goal of evading justice.
3. Also, the institutions that the Mob has embedded itself within are CRITICAL to the function of society - like a tumor on a brain, if the excision is not perfect the results for the patient are catastropic.

4. How would you, oh dear reader mine, approach this?
5. This is the task set before Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein, Christopher Wray, et al. The most difficult legal undertaking in history.
6. The reason I have such faith in their plan to tackle this is that the factors I would consider at the outset are in line with their actions.

7. Here’s what I would consider when trying to solve this problem:
8. #1, The public battlefield conditions: there is a news media in the country that will work in tandem to cover up, obfuscate, and drive a partisan wedge into any information they receive about the process.
9. #2, the holdovers. Actors within the department that will hinder internal operations such as document production, and analysis
10. #3, the inextricable link between the corrupt actions themselves and national security. FISA is the best example of this - if FISA is used to block hundreds of foreign actions or terror attacks, it is mission critical to FBI and DOJ
11. #4, the ease with which cases can fall apart based on the tiniest details. Prosecution is extremely hard for the government, and the burden of proof in these cases would be extraordinary because of the high profile of the defendants
12. And #5, the balance between oversight by Congress and the fact that Congress, who has many members who are “Mob moles”, is a liability to the integrity of the process.
13. With these factors in mind, we can start to lay out the framework of a plan.

First, we know our investigation must be 100% leak proof and silent. Those working on it must have the ability to do their jobs without tipping anyone off - because almost everyone is hostile to it
14. Second, we need an investigative arm that can has authority to gather comprehensive internal evidence - both for the purposes of dealing with internal holdovers and for thorough collection.
[Image: michael-horowitz.jpg]
15. Third, we need a prosecutorial arm. There is the option of a Special Counsel, but those are always high profile and incredibly easy to make partisan accusations about. Besides, Special Counsels are limited by their scope - and we don’t know exactly how deep this will go.
16. If we decide to go the route of a US Attorney, there’s a risk that anyone we choose will be a mob mole or sympathizer. So it’s probably best to choose someone who is unlikely to be connected.
[Image: 220px-John_W._Huber_official_photo.jpg]
17. We know that we must save the institutions themselves. How can we do this? Well, the first step is to create a divide between the Mob actors, and the institutions at large / the processes they used. Silo them off, and then deal with them.

18. Do we believe that the Mob has falsified documents? Fine. Play the processes out according to the rules - and gather evidence that those down the chain of those processes introduced tainted documents into the system. Then we can blame them instead of the processes themselves.
19. We know that the legal defense of the Mob is unimaginably good. So much so that the entire thing will explode if we step out of line even a single time. We can change the policies of our departments, but we cannot change the law - particularly if we want to stay stealthy.
20. Every action we take must be perfect to the letter (by the book), and all of our public statements must reflect this. Drill it into every interaction. No cutting corners, and no easy routes.

21. We can anticipate that our oversight are not motivated as much by the pursuit of justice and a positive legal outcome in court, moreso they are interested in getting information for their constituents, who do not grasp the delicacy of this process.
22. If that weren’t enough, there are moles in the oversight too - and you cannot pick and choose who to report to. If you report to one committee member, you must report the same information to all of them.
25. We task our investigative arm with pulling every document, and all official testimony. Lying to that investigator is a felony, so even though we know that whatever we collect is suspect, that can be dealt with later - and will help us preserve the institutional integrity.
26. We can see some benefit to letting the public know a little bit about what we’re doing. Not only will that keep a decent appearance for us, but it will cause the targets of our investigations to act in ways that they shouldn’t.

27. Thanks to our ability and authority to get anything we want internally, we found this great stuff from the mob’s work phones. Let’s go ahead and put these out, see what the public makes of them.
Read FBI's Strzok, Page texts about Trump
[Image: pVX3CiBG?format=jpg&name=600x314]
The anti-Trump text messages between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page that led to Strzok’s removal from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe have been obtained by Fox News.
28. We found texts that indicate they were using non-work phones for texts that implicate them - great. Although those are outside of the reach of our internal arm, our prosecutor can get those and hold on to them. The public won’t latch onto this, their focus will be the bias.
[Image: Dg4mItYVMAAXMUx.jpg]
30. We will have our investigative arm prepare a report that formalizes all of the official testimony and documentary evidence in the public record. We can use this to show that the processes themselves are not corrupt - we are following the rules and this is what we found.
31. Even though the Mob Media will use this report to exonerate their friends, the actual content (which none of them will really read anyway) will be there for us to point to later.

32. By the time that comes out, our oversight will be foaming at the mouth. Because we have to keep everything tight internally, there is going to be a lot of documents that we will have to refuse to turn over to them. But this works to our advantage as well.
33. Because it will be our side attacking us, the partisanship will cause our opposition to defend us. Particularly because they believe that, even though the corrupt Mob investigation we’re trying to unveil is now under our control, it still somehow poses a threat to us.
34.Congressman Cohen Elicits Promises from FBI and DOJ to Complete Special Counsel Investigation
WASHINGTON – Congressman Steve Cohen (TN-09), the Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice, today questioned Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and…

35. As we move forward from there, we will have laid the groundwork to:
- Preserve the processes and institutions
- Foil the media and Mob’s attempts to thwart our case
- Excise the mob members and prosecute them

36. As outsiders watching this process, we the Public now are waiting for the follow through. Now, Let’s talk about some of the red flags that we’re NOT seeing.
37. Analyzing what’s absent will help us to compare this hypothetical plan to what we’re seeing play out in reality.
38. Big one is, despite many reasons not to keep them around, President Trump (who assigned this task) maintains the employ of RR, Sessions, Wray, et al. No one has been fired.
39. We see no leaks whatsoever from Huber, the Leak prosecution team, the IG, or any other group working on the big project.
40. We see the opposition distracted constantly - and when they’re not distracted they are pushing to protect and elevate our guys in the DOJ. We don’t see them trying to resist.
41. We don’t see a single instance of a cut corner or missed detail. We don’t see any mistakes that do not follow the rules and processes to the letter
42. We don’t see haste. In fact, it’s happening painstakingly slow - good! Slow means thorough. Slow and Silent.
43. We don’t see any nuclear options. The President has the authority to declas everything - and would do so if it were necessary. But in order to do that you’d have to fail the mission objectives - preserving integrity of critical processes/institutions, and avoid partisanship
44. Finally, we don’t see our side taking any damage at all. No losses whatsoever. Nothing but winning, even on all other policy. The Mob has been completely marginalized.

45. I believe that I have a strong case. I’m sure there’s more I could say or find to continue expanding, but you all get the point - I understand the impatience and frustration. But I don’t care if it takes a decade if that’s what is needed to do it right and succeed.
46. I could be wrong. RR could be dirty, the FBI and DOJ could be covering up the big ugly. The Swamp could be pulling all of this under its fetid waters, never to be seen again. That remains a possibility.
47. But that simply doesn’t track with what I’m seeing. That reality leaves too many unanswered questions for me.

Instead, I choose to believe that all will be well.


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Sessions and...R Rosenstein?
#4 Resonates strongly with me. How about the dude who filed the lawsuit in RICO against some
of these guys? Right now I'm thinking about all those Grand Jury sealed indictments...

(06-30-2018, 08:35 AM)Sassy Fringette Wrote: [ -> ]Trump
(06-30-2018, 08:50 AM)Strategos Wrote: [ -> ]Sessions and...R Rosenstein?

Go below the surface...not too far, just below all the flotsam.

1. They both serve at the PLEASURE of the President, as did Comey (another subject.)

2. He could lose them both with a pen swipe.

3. Why would a smart guy like DJT, and 'vulnerable' too, per the msm ~ KEEP ANYONE in the seat of POWER, especially at the DOJ as highest law enforcement officers in the Land if they were nothing but the genuine articles?

There is way more going on here than we're seeing ~ there's obfuscation happening on BOTH sides, the black hats to keep the truth from coming to light and from the white hats to keep the black hats chasing the laser dot.