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Full Version: cern studying dna now ??
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this is way over my head ......... but it doesnt sound very particle acceleration oriented .....

Though known for particle physics, CERN’s facilities also dip their toes into other fields. For example, researchers at CERN’s nuclear physics facility, ISOLDE, have been investigating DNA molecules. The researchers have applied an ultrasensitive variant of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, called beta-NMR, to these molecules in both solid and cell-like liquid environments. Beta-NMR has been used widely to study exotic nuclei and solid materials, but this is the first time the technique has been applied to biological matter.

The data, recorded in May, show that the NMR signal produced by a sodium isotope changes and disappears much more slowly in the presence of DNA than without it. This points to the expected interaction between this vital element and DNA. Future work should shed more light on this interaction and uncover the binding site of sodium in the DNA.

NMR spectroscopy is one of the go-to techniques for visualising the structure of biological molecules, such as proteins and DNA, and their interaction with essential metal ions such as sodium and potassium. It does so by placing a few micrograms of a sample of biological molecules in a strong magnetic field and analysing how the magnetic nuclei within the sample absorb radio waves. The magnetic field causes these nuclei, or spins, to line up either parallel or antiparallel to the magnetic field, and the radio waves cause the spins to change between different spin directions. The radio frequency that triggers this change depends on the strength of the magnetic field and the identity and environment of the atoms of the nuclei. The spin flip, or NMR signal, is detected through the electric current it induces in a radiofrequency coil.
You're right, this certainly isn't about particle acceleration...

CERN isn't what we are told it is. They really were looking for a god particle...and they found what they were looking for in the dark and the One that resides there.

They opened a gateway to another dimension...and let things in...this is why the world seems to be going insane. What's good is bad, what's evil is good.

Normal people don't do things like this:

It is connected to the Gothard tunnel...check out that ceremony...tell me that's normal.

Also remember that plane that went down over Switzerland a couple years back?
CERN had fired up at the same time...they tweeted it...the plane lost power and went down...suddenly CERN announced that they couldn't fire up the machine, but they lied. They realized they caused that crash. So a story was made up...the pilot was blamed and strange hostage situation was tossed around. And then...silence.

CERN attempted to silence everyone who questioned what happened by trolling them on the Internet.