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Full Version: The world anxiously awaits the fate of a raccoon that's scaling a skyscraper
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Go, Rocky! Yeah Cheer

Poor little thing..

[Image: DUnC82p.jpg]
pigeons are laughing at his dumb ass


Raccoon can climb!
Wow, that's pretty amazing. Most of the replies are awesome too lol

Go buddy go!
So sad, he was so close to the bottom too (when first discovered)
where there may have still been a way to get him. Bless the
maintenance folks for trying but unfortunately it looks like their
efforts may have set off his continued ascent.

I hope people inside the building are smart and kind enough
not to tease him, etc. through the windows, that might scare him
and lead to a tragic result.

Very nervewracking even from afar. Pray the little guy makes it! Heartflowers
[Image: ZpoXnzA.jpg]


The little fella made it. Now just wait for it to get trapped.
Hooray! So glad for this very happy ending! Cheer What
an odyssey this little guy has been through! Heartflowers

Thanks for the wonderful update, @T-Dub! Heartflowers
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