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Full Version: North Korean Slave Labor in Siberia
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How did Norks get  pocket  nukes , just when Hillary / obama lost power ?

Clowns  are now unable to run Russian  slave camps in  siberia . with  north korean  labor.

Harvested   lumber was sold to IKEA.


You smug  liberals wont go see where the  lumber comes from  ?
Why ?

You want cheap stuff.

Those train loads of north korean labor.
They dont even know that they are working to the benefit of the russian  mafia.

SLAVE labor.


i shit you not.
Labor camps in Siberia, run by Russians, with imported North Korean slaves.
These poor slaves thought they were working in north korea , but they were slaved out to russian mob in siberia.

Where did that prime lumber go ?


YES IKEA. Cheap goods for the EU.
ikea is supreme shit. doesnt last 2 years.
But It's soooo Euro Stylish ! Wouldn't be the " In " Look in two years anyway .