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This is suppossedly an alien living in the interior of tunnels, in same place where all these
"alien" mummies habe been discovered.

I don't understand why the color of the video is greyscale; are they using infrarred?

I don't understand why the rocks appear normal but the alien appears with the contours
in thick black, like someone drawing it with a black pen. Perhaps when using infrarred the
skin of the alien doesn't reflect temperature on the edges so it appears black?

I don't understand why the torso of the alien moves that way, seems like just bad animating
skill if done with some animation program, I mean, you expect not only so local fast moving but
when it going so fast also other parts not moving also start to move a little, for example the shoulders.

View only from 8:25 to 9:24 where the alien appears


The video posted before that one has photos of a mantis being.
Seems in those caves/tunnels there are several races living.

The mantis is 6 meters tall but in those photos the camera is at same level than
the head of the mantis so for me that is also a problem. If you take a photo
of a being of 6 meters the photo would be like an ant taking a photo of you: the photo
never would show your face but only the under part of your head.

Take a look to those mantis photos, there are three. Last one is with gamma changed.
I recommend you capture the images of the other two and change the gamma too.
(05-12-2018, 01:23 PM)goddess101 Wrote: [ -> ]Thdown

[Image: shesrightyouknow.gif]


The video in first post is from year 2000 when they were entering and discovering all the things there
(lots of them now sold to USA and other places).

They entered the caves and first was human made objects, then they were far inside the tunnels and
they arrived to a zone where there is no oxygen, that zones lasts for 1 minute walking and then oxygen
comes again and you arrive to a place where there is lighting but no one can see where the lighting comes,
in that place there is moss in the rocks and that is the food of these "aliens".

Look this video from 6:00 to 10:00 to see the initial part of the caves with the human made objects
(yes I also hate the "artist" guy doing mirroring of some objects so we can't see how the object really looks,
one of them has mirror in horizontal and also in vertical. I wonder why this mirroring was done, probably
to show that there is an artifact but try to not show it completely at the time (remember all this is from year 2000
so what you see is already sold and in private collections somewhere in the world. Give thanks that someday we
will have a time machine to see what happened in the past so you will be able to see it, don't worry about it
being "lost forever".

Look only from 6:00 to 10:00

By the way, I know already why this "bad quality". Seems the cameras and any electrical device doesn't work
well. There is some kind of magnetics or whatever that makes things work very bad or not work at all. That is what
they say.


Dude these are so lame I wouldn't put them in my haunted house....


The guy says he has a video of the mantis walking but he needs yet the permission to post it.
He described how the mantis walks in the video on the video in first post of this thread, he fingers go down
as if you have the hands broken, it has only 2 fingers or 3 on each hand. And the legs are folded in three parts
when it walks.

For me the head and neck match perfectly the drawings of eyewitness.

Also he says there are three colors of this mantis being: white, brown and green. But it is like a chamaleon
and it goes green when it is in anger. These are much much much more smart creatures than humans. They can control a human with their mind and read their thoughts. I was looking for a hypnosis session where the patient remembers meeting a mantis 3 meters tall living in a temple in ancient egypt. The mantis ate the patient that was a young girl at that time! But I was unable to find the session, I forgot the title. It was a session in spanish but I was to translate the most interesting part.


(05-12-2018, 02:50 PM)goddess101 Wrote: [ -> ]Dude these are so lame I wouldn't put them in my haunted house....

Did you watch the gold pyramid plaque in post 5? And the other objects there?
Did you have seen those artifacts on any other place?


From 4:16 to 6:51 to see other artifacts on these caves:
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