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Full Version: Nobel Prize For Literature Postponed As Academy Roils From Sexual Harassment Scandal
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For the first time since the middle of World War II, the Nobel Foundation has decided to postpone awarding this year's Nobel Prize in Literature following a sexual misconduct scandal centered around the French husband of one of the academy's 18 members.

While the scandal might be unfamiliar to many readers in the US, it has roiled Swedish society, resulting in eight of the 18 members of the Nobel Academy resigning (even though their membership is technically a lifetime appointment without a provision for resignation) following a failed attempt to expel Katarina Frostenson, a member whose husband, French photographer Jean-Claude Arnault, has been accused of sexual misconduct by 18 women, including Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria, whom he's accused of touching inappropriately, according to CNN.
This is one of those stories that gets easily overlooked by MSM. I got a hunch it's part of the war on literature in general, especially when I read this quote from the article you just linked:

Quote:Writing in the New York Times Opinion Section, Tim Parks questioned the purpose of the prize, arguing that literature isn't a competition, and that it makes little sense to pit literary works from disparate cultures against one another.

The whole premise of that writer is, in my opinion, absurd. The prize is not competition as we likely think about it in terms of sports, business or (ahem!) elections. It is recognition for one's efforts. Writers don't slug it out to win the prize ... the excellence of their work (and probably some good connections in the biz .. haha) make it possible for them to achieve this recognition.

Guess TPTB have decided it's not a good idea for people to value literature anymore. Dangerous, too, because it might cause readers to think.